Why Laminate?
A number of reasons exist for having printed materials laminated. There are three reasons, however, that stand out among the crowd. We refer to these as the "Three Ps": protection, presentation, and preservation. Protection is the most common and most logical reason our clients give for using our laminating services. All printed materials are subject to the environmental elements to some degree. Value, function, and the exposure of a document will influence a customer’s decision to laminate. Another reason for using our laminating services is presentation. Lamination is an excellent way to give your printed materials a professional look.

What Is One Sided Lamination?
One-sided lamination is a thermal process in which film is applied to one side of a printed material. Heat activated film composed of a plastic layer and an adhesive layer bonds to one surface of a document. We stock GBC Lay-Flat film for this application to prevent distortion.

Why Have Products Laminated On One-Side?
Typically one-sided lamination is used for book covers, owners manuals, instruction guides, and pocket folders. One-sided lamination is a cheaper alternative to two-sided laminating. However, unlike two-sided laminating, one-sided laminating does not protect the entire document, leaving one surface exposed. Thus, the limited applications for one-sided lamination. Our one-sided production line is equipped to handle documents from 10 x 12" to 30 x 40" in size.

What Is Two-Sided Laminating?
Two sided laminating is a thermal process in which copolymer plastic film is applied to both sides of a printed material. Film composed of a polyester (plastic) layer and a polyethylene (adhesive) layer that bonds to both surfaces of a document. We stock GBC and Protect-All film for this process. We carry a complete selection of film styles including gloss, delustered, and satin finishes. In addition, we special order custom films such as colored, glueable, and stampable film. Two-sided film is available in a variety of thichnesses: 1.7 Mil (.0017 in.), 3 Mil (.003 in.), 5 Mil (.005 in.), 10 Mil (.01 in.).

Why Have Products Laminated On Two-Sides?
Having Products Laminated with a two-sided lamination will insure a long lasting product. Most materials laminated with two sides usually can last forever. Also the final product looks much better after being laminated.


Post-Laminating Services

Die Cutting Index Tabs Drilling
Collating Corner Rounding Grommeting
Eyeletting & Stringing Mounting 2-Sided Tape Application


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