Commercial Laminators

 Autofeeds HSTS 3048 High Speed
 Two-Sided Laminating System

 Cold Laminator
 Available in 44", 55" and 63" model

Commercial Laminator Model 110V
 25" 110V Model
Commercial Laminator Model 220V
 25" 220V Model

These Models Include Features Like:

Variable Speed
Glitch-Proof Threading
Lamination Pressure
Ease Of Maintenance
Digital LCD Temperature Display
Forced Air Cooling
Supply Roll Tension
Attached Safety Shield
Simple Controls
Ease of Cleaning
Supply Roll Tension
Pressure Release Control

Made in the USA with a 2 Year Warranty


School Laminators

School Laminator Model 110V
 25" Educator
School Laminator Model 220V
 25" Educator 220V

These Models Include Features Like:

Preset Laminations Pressure and Speed
Enclosed Laminating and Pull Rollers
Fixed-Position Lamination Rollers
Attached Safety Shield
Supply Roll Tension Knobs
Separate Safety Cutter
Adjustable Heat Control
Slitter Option
Forced Air Cooling

Made in the USA with a 2 Year Warranty


Gently Used








Options / Accessories For Roll Laminators

 Item  Price  
 Slitter Assembly  $250.00  BUY
 Right Side Feed Guide  $25.00  BUY
 Extra Slitter Heads  $50.00  BUY
 Roll Feed Tray  $250.00  BUY
 Machine Cover  $30.00  BUY
 Footage Counter  $150.00  BUY

Pouch Laminators

Sheet Size
Laminating Surfaces
Machine Size
Shipping lbs
4"  wide
Credit Cards, Business Cards, Video Memberships, Gym Memberships, Photos, Luggage Tags, ID's, Badges, Data Cards, etc.
8-1/4" x 7-1/4" x 4-1/4"
10 yr.
7 lbs.
9"  wide
Letters, Documents, Certificates, Diplomas, Menus, Price Lists, Photos, Legal Papers, etc.
13-1/2" x 7-1/4" x 4-1/2"
10 yr.
14 lbs.
12"  wide
Menu's, Certificates, Documents, Legal Papers, Photos
16" x 9" x 4-5/8"
10 yr
17 lbs.

All Models Include:

  • Electrical -115 Volts, 50/60HZ.Fused For Your Protection. Models Available For 230/240 Volt, 50    HZ. Operation. UL Listed, CSA Approved.
  • Indicator Light Lets You Know When The Short Warm-Up Time Is Over. No Waiting Or Guessing.
  • Mechanical - Molded Silicone Rollers. Permanently Lubricated Bearings. Enclosed Gearbox Motor. Temperature Adjustable From Top Of Machine. Ensures Long Life And Ease Of Protection.
  • Vinyl-Clad Sheet Metal And Rigid Aluminum Construction, Engineered For Durability, Yet    Attractively Finished.
  • Forced Air Cooling. Exterior Of Machine Remains Cool Enough To Touch.
  • All Components Completely Enclosed For Your Protection.
  • Laminate 6 Items Per Minute. (12 Per Minute In Deluxe Machines).
  • Compact - Fits Easily In Small Work Places, Great For Traveling.
  • Custom-Made Pouches - Alleviates Trimming.
  • Permanently Lubricated Bearings - Extended Wear Without Repair.
  • Easy to Use - Salesperson Can Leave Machine When In Use To Do Other Things.