Astoria Laminations is a proud supporter of the Autofeeds HSTS 3048 High Speed Two-Sided Laminating System. The entire system is composed of a digitally operated AMF Feeder, the HSTS 3048 Laminating module, and the variable speed MCT 800 Autocutter.

HSTS 3048 High Speed Two-Sided Laminating System









The new Autofeeds laminating system boasts a maximum line speed exceeding 100 ft./minute. 10 mil films are able to be laminated, edge sealed, and slit at speeds in excess of 50 ft./ minute. That's 66% faster, than our previous machine! So what does this mean for you? Along with the top-quality lamination that you've come to expect from Astoria Laminations, you'll receive a faster turn-around time (3 times as fast as our former high speed laminator), which will allow you to successfully meet your deadlines and keep your customers satisfied. Astoria is committed to providing our customers with the best service in the industry and the Autofeeds HSTS 3048 is yet another way for us to stay ahead of the competition.

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